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Owner-artist, Michele Parrish has over 30 years of commercial and fine art experience. Ms. Parrish received her art degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in 1976, graduating with Best Portfolio honor. She has received numerous awards and commissions for her artwork; has also taught several art courses at Bauder College, Ft. Lauderdale. She has been designing carved and etched glass since 1982. Michele enjoys working in different mediums, but carved glass and kiln-formed glass are her favorites.

Top 5 reasons to enhance your home with etched glass entry doors.


The top 5 reasons to enhance your home with etched glass entry doors are: uniqueness, privacy, sales appeal, diffuses light and costs less than beveled glass.

1 ) Uniqueness

Why be like everyone else on the block? Enhancing your home with etched glass entry doors makes a statement about your style and sophistication. You can choose to coordinate with a landscape or architectural feature or even reflect your favorite hobby. Many of my clients love sport fishing so they chose game fish on their doors. Most clients in Florida choose tropical foliage and graceful birds. Some select classic acanthus leaves or contemporary abstract to coordinate with the style of their home’s architectural features or interior design style. Make your home uniquely your own with etched glass entry doors by Sandcastle Studio.

2) Privacy

Who wants to live in a fish bowl with plain glass doors. By having your glass entry doors etched you can achieve partially to total privacy while still allowing light to transmit through your etched glass entry doors. By having only part of your door etched you can achieve the best of both worlds: enough privacy to block prying eyes yet also allow you to look out and see the weather. One of my more popular designs incorporates partial privacy/partial clear by having everything below the shoulder height-horizon line frosted and the sky above the horizon line left clear; so to be able to peer out and see the day while strutting around the house in your pajamas.

3) Sales Appeal

You only have one chance to make a 1st impression when selling your home. What will your prospective buyers see when they first walk up to your home: normal solid wood doors or beautiful elegant etched glass entry doors? Your etched glass entry doors will greet your visitors as well as make a statement about the fine quality of craftsmanship you have customized your home with. Your custom etched glass entry doors are the first thing a buyer sees as well as the last thing they see when they leave. Not only will you make a wonderful first impression, but as the home buyer leaves your residence they will also leave with a lasting impression. Etched glass entry doors will set your home apart from all the other homes the buyer has seen. “Remember the house with the etched glass doors?” It’s that little extra something or that ‘big wow’ statement of those doors that the buyer will remember. Let Sandcastle Studio help make your home stand out from the rest.

4) Diffuse light.

Don’t let direct sunlight blind you and fade your furnishings. Etched glass, frosted glass helps diffuse sunlight and in some cases pesky street/security lights. Curtains, window blinds and shades close you off from the world and darken your home, but etched glass entry doors let diffused light in and keep your home light and airy. Sandcastle Studio offers various shades of frost and privacy coverage.

5) Cost less

Custom etched glass entry doors cost less than custom stained and beveled glass doors. Typically etched glass runs from $25.00 a square foot and up . Stained and beveled glass starts typically around $75.00 a square foot and up. Also delivery time is much faster for custom etched glass entry doors.

Etched glass entry doors are stronger and are easier to clean than stained glass doors. Some stained glass artists will incased their stained glass panel within 2 outside sheets of glass. However all the weight from 3 panels of glass makes problems for door hinges. So often new frames and new hinges are also needed to accommodate the extra weight. This won’t be a problem for your etched glass entry doors.

Etched glass designs can simulate the look of stained glass and bevels can be glued to the glass to give a beveled look. Stay true to the historic or traditional charm but use etched glass instead with a traditional pattern. Stained glass has it place in historic/traditional homes and cathedrals. For the most part stained glass looks dated when it comes to new homes. Using etched glass will put a fresh new spin even on older homes to help update them.

What ever you choose let Sandcastle Studio design something of elegance and beauty for your etched glass entry doors.

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