Notable Works

Some of our more notable projects include:

  • Calder Racetrack Dining Room, Miami, FL
  • JFK Airport Hotel Banquet Room, New York City
  • Don Ramon’s Restaurant, Stuart, Florida
  • La Caretta. The Crazy Lobster, & La Versailles restaurants, Calle Ocho, Little Havana, Miami
  • Jack Nicklaus’ 57′ Sport fishing Yacht “Sea Bear”
  • Jimmy Dean’s (sausage maker) 72′ yacht “Big Bad John”
  • Fabrege’s (cosmetic king) 120′ luxury yacht “Toy George”
  • Felix Sabates (NASCAR team owner) 140′ Victory Lane
  • Dominick LaCombe president of American Custom Yachts, Palm City, FL
  • Brent Musburger( national sportscaster), Jupiter, FL home
  • Debbie Dickinson, supermodel, NYC
  • Your name could be added here

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