Faux Finishes and Murals

Digital StillCamerabrn-granite-web-bestSandcastle now offers faux finishes to your interior walls. Techniques offer are:: sponging on or sponging off, ragging on or ragging off, color washing, dragging,  stippling and frottage, and Venetian Plaster, River Rock, &  Suede and Metallic paints and glazes.venetian-plaster-web

Most paint techniques are approximately $8.00 a square foot  plus paint. Venetian plasters around $25.00 a square foot plus materials.

Murals start at $25.00 a square foot, depending upon detail and height. Scaffolding would be an additional cost. Minimum order would be $300.00.Faux-finish-web-41k

You can have the detail mural you’ve dreamed by having it done in stages as time and money allows.1st installment the background with some foreground details, 2nd installment more details and with each subsequent stage more details are added.