Kiln- Formed

I’m very excited about this glass medium. This is where I get to be truly creative in very unusual ways. I use my kiln to create bent glass sculptures, vessels and tile. I’m also exploring cast glass, where I eventually hope to offer sinks and cast glass counters. Keep coming to this page for my future discoveries / creations.

This carved, slumped, and painted glass reef sculpture is approximately 23″h x17″w. The rear coral wall is 3/8″ bent glass. The sand and starfish are bent 1/4″ clear glass. The brain coral is bent 1/4″ bronze glass. The 4 items were individually carved, fired, painted and assembled. The base is thick white washed oak. (It is the 1st one I ever created.) Truly unique glass art, one of a kind sculpture – $750.00 plus tax& shipping if needed.

Custom orders are welcomed.