Carved Glass

Carved and Painted SailfishCarved Glass

I offer carved glass or mirror; where I actually carve and sculpt a design in several depths. The thinnest glass I can carve on is 1/4″ thick. My glass of preference is 3/8″ thick, but I work on 1/2″ & 3/4″. Carvings catch the most light and have a richer look than surface frost. They also require more time sandblasting, so they are more expensive.

I cannot carve on factory made doors or thin shower enclosures, that have tempered glass. I can carve on thicker tempered plate glass. My glass of preference is 3/8″ thick.

I can also sand carve any silhouette shape in mirror or glass, such as the carved glass Deco Antelope featured. Approximate size 18″w x 54″h. 1/2″ glass in mahogany base. $750.00 (I can also color enhance this piece, such as cinnamon brown& black, with olive& gold background accents. )  I cannot ‘shape carve’ on tempered glass.Antelope

Carvings can only be done my studio, not on-site.