Color Enhanced

Color Enhancements

Color enhancements are executed in 3 methods:

1) Stains which come in a limited color palette and are not suitable for exterior work, but are easiest to apply, cost less, and can be applied to surface etchings. (Can be done on-site, but not suitable to exposure to rain or direct sunlight)

2) Airbrushed lacquers are durable and can be custom matched to any color/decor. Lacquers can only be applied to carvings and are more costly than stains. (Can only be done in my studio)

3) Airbrushed Urethanes are similar to lacquers (same look) but more durable. I am eventually going in this direction, slowly phasing out my lacquers.

Color enhanced carved and etched glass and mirror is an affordable alternative to stained glass.

I can also illuminate glass and mirror with neon or thin fluorescent lighting for a very dramatic look. Neon comes in different colors and tubes last for many years. Flourescent costs less, but bulbs need to be replace frequently. LED/Xenon have become popular as well. They are more costly to install but are more cost efficient over the years.


“The fan coral at the bottom of the door was painted to match my clients’ exterior trim color. How’s that for a custom look?”